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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the financial help you need with the service you deserve.

MFI makes it easy to access amazing financial services, make all your financial transactions, and invest money with high interest returns. MFI is your trusted digital friend, always ready to help you out.

The entire process can be completed in no time! Once you complete our short application and choose loan amount, your information is reviewed, and a loan decision is typically provided within 5 working days. If approved, funds will be received within a few moments of the application process being completed.

This status indicates that our system is processing your application. You will receive a notification on your loan decision after due process.

No! MFI loan is not available worldwide, but we are doing our best to span globally in no distant time.

After visiting our webpage, sign in or sign up for an account to identify yourself and this will take you to our brief registration/application forms, complete an application with valid information, and then determine how much you would like to borrow. Submit your application and we will typically notify you of the loan decision after reviewing your application.

There are a few reasons behind loan application rejections. The most likely reason is that our system did not receive sufficient data to score your application.
Another possible reason is that you may not have shared all of the information required in the application or provided invalid details. However, there can be other reasons. As a responsible lender, we take steps to ensure we only extend credit to applicants who can afford it, so that our clients won’t become too indebted. It is possible that at this time, you don’t match the profile of individual we normally lend money to. Negative repayment patterns on previous obligations (including previous loans history with other firms) can also limit access to credit, or make it more expensive to obtain.
Whatever the situation, we recommend you reply after awhile

Notifications are typically sent via email immediately after your loan application is sent. If you have not received either of these, please check your dashboard to confirm the current status of your request.

If you want to make a payment prior to your due date, please use the ’Make a Repayment’ button on the 'Your Loans' page.

You should ensure that your account to be deducted is funded on your due date for successful payments, or repay your loan using the ‘Make a Repayment’ button from your account dashboard as this will immediately update your account.
Other forms of repayment can lead to delays with account updates.
If you have made a cash transfer, please be sure to include your full name and client ID in the transfer description/narration so your account can be reconciled swiftly. Payments made without these details can experience additional delays. After you make the payment, please notify us with the following details:
Amount paid
Date paid
Client Name and ID
Bank account funds were transferred to
The name/details indicated on the description/narration of the transfer
Mode of repayment (e.g bank deposit, Mobile transfer, ATM transfer, web, Quickteller, other)
Name of ATM branch funds were transferred from (if applicable)
Please note: Repayments made via cash transfer will be updated on our platform within 1 - 2 business days of receiving your email.

You can check your current status by logging into your account. If you have successfully paid off your previous loan on time, you can typically re-apply for another loan shortly after and may qualify for higher credit at a lower rate.

Please note that due dates are fixed when your loan is approved. We do not currently reschedule due dates, so please ensure that you make your repayment on/before your agreed due date (i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly) in order to continue having this service available to you.

We want to keep you as a customer, so please make every attempt to pay us back on time. If you find yourself in a situation that makes it difficult to make your scheduled repayment, please contact us immediately by sending an email to customer support. We do our best to help our customers avoid these situations and the resulting consequences which can include: Suspension of your access to our lending service Reporting your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus Involvement with external collection agencies Possible legal action Remember, a positive outcome for you is a positive outcome for us, so let us assist you with work through and finding a solution to any issues you may face during the loan period.

We understand that financial circumstances can change suddenly, however, it is important to note that we do not schedule repayment dates and you should only take a MFI loan if you are reasonably certain you have the means to repay within the agreed period. There may be fees associated with late repayments. In addition, defaulting loans are reported to national Credit Bureaus and this can severely affect your ability to access loans in future. We therefore advise you take every effort to meet your obligations on time.

PayVest is MFI’s investment platform that helps you put away funds and grow your wealth in a secure and transparent manner.

Interest rates are calculated based on the investment tenor selected. The longer you lock in funds for, the higher your rates!

This is the beautiful day when your investment has completed the agreed time period, and you receive your full principal and interest payout to your account!

On each investment plan, qualifying investment amounts range from $50,000 to $10,000,000.

The prevailing interest rate for a 1-year investment is 16.5%* per annum. Rates will vary depending on the investment duration selected. *Note: Withholding tax is applied on interest earned. Rates may be subject to change over time.